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Feast on the whole virtual world

Dear friends, let’s take a bit away from the hustle and bustle, put down our calculators and plunge into the festive atmosphere! On the second of October we will have the atmospheric wedding of the well-known Emperor **Vadim_Kotvitsky** and Princess **Raduga*. It won’t be an ordinary wedding, it’ll be a huge theme wedding!

The insidious and cheerful Tamada **Hyt** will hold many themed contests on the forum. Why tricky, ask you? Because the bride sell tradition, accompanied by various competitions, he decided to start at 6:00 am MSK!

You will have until 15:00 to participate in an entertainment show from our Tamada and have time to buy a bride, because the wedding ceremony is scheduled for this hour. Traditionally, the reunion of two loving hearts will be carried out naughty **Bubble_Gums** in the wedding palace ( After that, the most important event in the life of newlyweds, the celebration is carried on the waves of our favorite radio - Volnorez (

From 17-00 there will be contests sponsored by the groom with a total prize fund of 30 gold! Have time to enjoy your favorite music, congratulate the bride and groom live and replenish your kalita with a ringing coin, because already at 19-00 we will again be transferred to the forum to continue the celebration. At this time our charming bride plans to throw the bouquet and garter of the bride, so get in line so you can become a future bride!

By the way, the bride is a gambler, and decided to attach to the bouquet and garter ringing Clonecoins! Well, what kind of wedding without cake? There are rumors that it will be so huge that every clone can try it! And we have more than half a million of them in the game. But even here our generous fiancé decided to give everyone the opportunity not only to try a piece of cake, but also a chance to find in it a ringing coin. The total number of prizes in the cake is **100 clonecoins**. You can get a piece of cake after your loud toasts to the newlyweds, who will be given a special book of wishes and inscribed for years! Let’s now briefly go over the scheduled show again:

\* 6:00-15:00. Forum contests with a tamada.

\* 15:00-17:00. Marriage registration and feast with various cocktails.

\* 17:00-19:00. Raffle on radio.

\* 19:00-20:00. Casting of the bouquet and garter of the bride.

\* 20:00-00:00. Wedding cake and wish book.

Also throughout the day you will be able to participate in the wedding tour of the poetry of our Literary Club, where the order of **30-50 cloncoins**, depending on the number of participants will be drawn. You can drop by any time for a few minutes on the forum, congratulate the newlyweds and have time to participate in various competitions to pinch a ringing coin from the generous fund of newlyweds!

But this is not the whole list of competitions that our philanthropic fiancé has planned, because not all players in our community often look at the forum. For those who prefer contests in the game itself, the following show program is planned:

####"Clones World" Server

\* Tournament for the strongest fighters Battle Arena.

\* Tournament among noble pig farmers Three pig.

\* Ancient Reptile Tournament Flame and Claw.

\* Marathon Games in the Mafia.

### "Conquered Lands" Server

\* Tournament for the strongest fighters Battle Arena.

\* Tournament among noble pig farmers Three pig.

\* Resource lottery.

All prize pools will be announced before registration. With the assistance of the project administration, tournaments and lottery funds will be replenished from the groom’s calita. As you will recall, registration in various tournaments opens 24 hours before their start!

As you can see, the newlyweds  **Vadim_Kotvitsky** and *Raduga** decided to share their happiness with the entire gaming community so that each of you could take your mind off the daily routine and become a part of this bright holiday. Do not forget to please the bride with a beautiful bouquet of flowers, which you can send by game mail on the server Conquered Lands and there with the groom to drink a glass of foam! Personally, I want to wish our couple that in their life there were only bright and warm moments, and all the sorrows and adversities avoided. Happy marriage!