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The strange influence of dragonflights on other animals

The inhabitants of the world of clones began to notice that huge flocks of dragons flying over the endless expanses in search of gold coins, more and more often began to influence other animals. All the animals of the clone world were shocked by the heavy breathing and the spewing flames of the dragons, which began to awaken a feeling of hunger in them at the most unexpected times.

All animals of the world of clones now eat once a day, when they themselves wish it.

Call of the Dragonflight

Dear inhabitants of the world of clones! Currently, there is a large increase in winged reptiles - dragons. The nature of these animals has not yet been fully studied, however, the High Alchemist noticed that they began to act together, gather for flights in search of gold in huge flocks, following their relatives.

Remember that a dragon that flies out in search of gold must be fed - otherwise it will be exhausted and deliver much less gold coins. Make sure that before the checkout time, the feeders of your reptiles are provided with the necessary supply of food for all the dragons of the account.

Clone world dragons now feed once a day, whenever they choose to.

Emperor Lucky23 is on the throne!

Dear inhabitants of the Land of Clones! We wish the whole world success to the emperor Lucky23 and his empire "Friendship of Peoples" . Favorable wind in the sails of a powerful imperial flotilla. Prosperity of the empire, tons of gold in the imperial vault.