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Mentor Awards 2023 (Metropolia server)

Dear players! The results of the mentors' tournament for 2023 have been summed up:

150 winners have been awarded!
- This year, the cost of paying for points earned was 0.0014 gold per 1 point.
- Prizes were paid to the first 150 mentors, according to the rating.

Check your statement! A total of 7,370 gold coins were paid out.

We wish you more new students, and may your advice be wise!

PS Who knows what size prize will await you next year...

Sand Quarry (Metropolia server)

Dear residents of the virtual world! Geologists carried out exploration and found a site for sand miningThe quarry will become available for construction today at 17:00 GMT.

Statistics of rewards in krypton (KR)

Dear crypto investors!

In the “Investor” ⇾ “Liquidity Pools” section, statistics of the rewards you have received in crypton for the wallets linked to your account in the Meteora MLP CLC-SOL and Meteora MLP CLC-USDT pools are now displayed.

Statistics are updated several times a day.

Gold prize for the first player who...(Enclave server)

The first player who bought a part to build a giant engine was Vadim_Kotvitsky!

Prize - 50 gold coins credited to your account!

The first part for the great engine (Enclave server)

The first part that appeared on the commodity exchange was bought by the representative of the Clone Land at the price of 100 gold coins!

The carriages are moving! (server "Enclave")

Dear residents of the virtual world of clones!

Automated freight cars are moving! The metallurgical plant began issuing large mechanical parts. Wagon owners can refuel and send wagons for loading.

To do this, you need to go to: “Investor” - “Railway” - “Your carriages”.

Good luck!

Freight cars (server "Enclave")

Dear residents of the Land of Clones!

There is now an opportunity to purchase automated freight cars! Preparations for the start of construction of the wonder of the world “Giant Engine” are in full swing.

Get ready for an interesting race in advance! Stock up on linseed oil and oil and start cultivating your agricultural fields now.

Extra profit in gold! (server "Enclave")

Dear players!  There is a huge shortage  of most types of resources on the Enclave server. Go to the server's commodity exchange and look at the economic situation. And this has been happening for several years now. The analytical department of the Accounting Chamber of the Clone World considers the Enclave server to be extremely promising. These analysts say that given the appearance of a new game module in the near future - the architectural miracle “Giant Engine” - in their opinion, all sectors of the economy will soar even higher!

Do not deprive this young and promising server of your attention. Come in, build buildings, create manufacturing enterprises, engage in agriculture and livestock farming... Sell the produced resource with a high% profitability! Let your clones earn cool gold coins!

We remind you: 

- The Metropolia server  is almost 17 years old.

- The Enclave server  is only 4 years old!

New krypton farming mechanism in action

The new krypton farming mechanism has been successfully put into operation. The total payout to participants in the Meteora CLC-SOL and CLC-USDT liquidity pools today was 118,453 KR. We remind you that now liquidity providers do not need to collect rewards manually each time, because they receive krypton directly into their crypto wallets every day.

Gold prizes for the first emperors! (server "Enclave")

The first emperor who will build the architectural miracle “Giant Engine” will be awarded a prize of 10,000 gold coins.

The second emperor receives a prize of 5,000 gold coins.

The third emperor receives a prize of 3,000 gold coins.

The fourth emperor receives a prize of 2,000 gold coins.

A new mechanism for participating in krypton farming

Dear players!

Over the past weeks, Clone Land Accounting Office accountants have been conducting extensive analysis and experimentation with various parameters of liquidity pools to maximize the flow of funds on various decentralized exchanges. They also carefully observed user preferences regarding the choice of liquidity pool type. As practice has shown, our players are most interested in classic liquidity pools, in which there is no need to constantly monitor price ranges.

After carefully analyzing the report provided by the Accounting Office, the Commissioner of Clone Land decided that from February 22, 2024, the main liquidity pools in which, in addition to income from commissions from exchange transactions, additional rewards in krypton will be paid, will be the following pools:

Meteora | CLC-SOL

Meteora | CLC-USDT

Everyone can choose according to their preferences: either a pool with a stable USDT token, or a pool with a volatile SOL token.

Legacy pools, including concentrated Orca pools, will continue to operate as normal, but the only source of income in those pools will be exchange fees without additional crypto incentives. In order to receive crypto rewards, you need to move your funds to new liquidity pools.

We also inform you that the mechanics of paying rewards in krypton have changed. Now you do not need to put your Meteora LP tokens into a liquidity farm. Just keep your Meteora LP tokens in your wallet, and similar to the Taurus Guard and Porcus Guard NFT royalties, krypton rewards will arrive in your wallet once a day.

The Commissioner of the Clone World will make every effort to ensure that the profitability of the additional reward in krypton does not fall below 20% per annum. Also, in addition to the additional reward, the pool has a commission for all transactions of 1%. This is another source of income for all crypto investors.

The winner gets 200 gold coins!

Dear players! The winner of the competition  was Vladislav Safonov.  He was the first to give the correct answer. The strength of the car is  1825 units.  If the car is idle, then the strength is not written off. Thus, if we assume that the car is used every day, then its durability will be 5 years.

Congratulations to the winner! 

We are preparing new competitions, we will hold them here on the Telegram channel, the prizes will be in cash.

200 gold coins to the one who...

A bag of gold coins will be given to the first person to write in the telegram chat of the Besedka channel how much the strength of the freight car is. Whose result is closest to the real number wins! Only the first answer is accepted from each participant, which should not be edited!

Report of metallurgical plant engineers

The first automated freight car and the first large mechanical part for assembling the Wonder of the World rolled off the assembly line of the metallurgical plant. Engineers confirmed that the car can accommodate no more than 1 part, which is the maximum load. Thus, the car will be able to deliver no more than 1 large part daily.

Krypton cryptoboxes Porcus Guard (Enclave and Metropolia servers)

The auction manager announces the start of bidding for Porcus Guard Krypton Crypto Boxes. The starting price is 1 krypton, the increment is also 1 krypton. These crypto boxes are available for purchase for all clones.

The total number of krypton cryptoboxes available to the lecitator at the moment:

- “Enclave” server: 30 pcs.

- Server “Metropolia”: 100 pcs.

The schedule for placing crypto boxes is as follows:

- “Enclave” server: 1 crypto box every 35 hours.

- “Metropolia” server: 1 cryptobox every 11 hours.

We wish everyone a successful boar hunt!

State Farm Emergency

Today, under the cover of darkness, General Webman’s detachment snuck into the State Farm and stole almost all of the Taurus Guard lots that belonged to the Commissioner of the Clone World, which were for sale on marketplaces. The robbers left behind the following note:

I, General Webman, rightfully took what I consider mine. Your 4661 Taurus has been grazing on a farm without proper attention for over a year. Now these Taurus are mine! In the future, I will decide on my own how to dispose of this loot. As a token of my generosity, I have decided to leave you with 100 lots of Taurus Guard that are still available for purchase. Your General Webman.

The secret office of the Land of Clones is already trying to establish in detail all the circumstances of the incident. At the moment, all that is known is that General Webman placed the stolen Taurus Guard NFTs into his personal wallet.

Another bonus payment from sales of NFT Porcus Guard on the secondary market

Dear players! The next payment was made under the accumulation fund “Bonus from selling NFTs on the secondary market” for the Porcus Guard collection in the total amount of ◎0.994 SOL, which at the current rate amounted to more than 112 USDC.

Insider information for those who read the news

According to the engineering project, the cost of building the wonder of the world “Giant Engine” is 50,000 parts.

This means that, for example, 100 automated railcars running every day could deliver 15,000 parts in 30 days. After all, one carriage can deliver 5 parts per day. This means that in 100 days a wonder of the world can be built!

High government subsidies in gold are expected for all built wonders of the world. But what about the prizes for the first emperors who built the wonder of the world? We already have an offer, what about you? Leave them on the forum or in the project’s Telegram channel. Perhaps the most interesting proposals can decorate this game module.

Follow the news of the virtual world. The most interesting things await us ahead!

Lots of NFTs from the Porcus Guard collection on the MagicEden marketplace

Dear players!

We inform you that on Friday, 02/16/2024 at 14:00 GMT, a new batch of NFTs of the Porcus Guard collection in the amount of 200 pieces will be put up on the MagicEden marketplace.

Trading will be held for Solana, the price of each NFT will be $10 (in SOL equivalent). Each NFT is additionally subject to a fixed (enforced) royalty of 9.99%. 50% of the royalties paid go to the Porcus Guard NFT holder fund.

Collection address:

We wish everyone a successful boar hunt!

36 hours left

Dear players! There are 36 hours left until the end of the bonus discount program. Those who have not yet managed to raise the social status of their clones, hurry up!  Ahead of us awaits a hot race of construction of the architectural miracle Giant Engine, in which the following will be involved:

Agricultural segment  (growing flax in large volumes);

Oil production;

- Increased need  for sand for casting  oil bottles (demand for all types of tertiary type resources + flour);

- Builders of the wonders of the world are clones of bourgeois status and above;

- Managers of automated carriages are clones of bourgeois status and above;

Mountains of gold await all participants in the construction marathon.

We wish you to successfully use the discount promotion. Saving means earning!

First bonus payout for selling NFT Porcus Guard on the secondary market

Dear players! A payment was made under the accumulation fund “Bonus from selling NFTs on the secondary market” for the Porcus Guard collection in the total amount of ◎ 1.39 SOL, which at the current rate amounted to more than 158 USDC.

Discounts for only 3 days!

Dear players!

Before the release of the new game block, we expect a high demand for agricultural crops. Therefore, the administration decided to offer additional discounts for obtaining social statuses!

From today, from 12:00 GMT, the promotion starts, which will last until 02/15/2024, 23:59:59 GMT. For only 3 days in the land of clones, differentiated discounts will work (from 5 to 29%) depending on the status being upgraded, the server and whether the player is managing a new or old account. A new account is defined as an account whose age does not exceed 365 days.

You can see the amount of discounts in the following table:

Affiliate payments for status upgrades for a given time period will be reduced in proportion to the applied discount for each discount category.

New regulations for the distribution of bonuses from NFT sales on the secondary market

Dear NFT owners!

We are pleased to share great news with you. Starting tomorrow, a new regulation for the distribution of bonuses from sales of NFT Taurus Guard and Porcus Guard on the secondary market will come into force. Now the accumulated bonus will be distributed weekly, and not twice a month, as before. The minimum fund size required to begin paying out to NFT holders has also been reduced fivefold: from 0.25 SOL to 0.05 SOL.

We remind you that it is recommended to maintain a minimum balance of no less than the so-called mandatory annuity (0.00203928 SOL) in the crypto wallet in which your NFTs are located. You can read more about this in our help.

Insider information for those who read the news

The manager of the metallurgical workshop reported that each freight car is equipped with a powerful engine that runs on special fuel. During one delivery trip, an automated freight car consumes 1 unit of fuel. This combustible mixture contains 10 units of petroleum product and a unit of linseed oil.

Analysts at the Clone Land Accounting Office confirmed their concerns about linseed oil volumes. Now this product is produced in very small volumes at enterprises of administrative units and principalities. For production you need: 1 bottle, cap, flax crop.

Analysts expect a strong increase in the price of flaxseed oil if residents do not take care of increasing production volumes in advance.

Issue of securities (Metropolia server)

Dear residents of the Land of Clones! 

Today at 17:00 GMT, the issue of securities will begin

State Farm Securities: 10,000 pcs.

Sawmill securities: 10,000 pcs.

Metallurgical workshop securities: 10,000 pcs.

Securities “Era of Megaliths”: 50,000 pcs.

We wish you successful and profitable purchases!

Insider information for those who read the news

Several emperors are already actively preparing for the construction of the wonders of the world “Giant Engine”.

Within 24 hours, the automated car will be able to receive 5 units of large parts free of charge from the metallurgical workshop and deliver them to the storage facility. It is these parts in large quantities that will be the necessary resource for the construction of a wonder of the world. They say that the carriages will be worth their weight in gold. The planned cost of the automated freight car is 100 gold coins. They can be bought by clones with bourgeois status and above to help in the construction of emperors by supplying an expensive resource.

We recommend preparing for the start in advance and mining gold at lower prices.  Saving means earning! 

We will keep you updated on developments.

Bonus rarity in the NFT Taurus Guard collection

Dear residents! We have implemented a rarity bonus, which is based on calculating the rarity of NFT Taurus Guard using the MoonRank and HowRare methods.

The rarity bonus has a beneficial effect on the weight of newborn calves, reduces the rate of recovery after mating in bulls and shortens the period of readiness for mating in cows.

The maximum beneficial effect of each NFT from the rarity bonus is:

- +0.02% to the recovery rate after mating, reducing the period of readiness for mating in cows (no more than 2%).
- increases the weight of newborn calves in the barn by 0.2% (maximum by 20%).

To receive maximum benefits (+0.02% recovery rate and +0.2% newborn weight), the NFT rarity bonus must be equal to 100%. If your NFT's rarity bonus is, for example, 30%, then it will increase the weight of newborn calves by 0.06% and increase the recovery rate by 0.006%.

You can reach the maximum weight bonus (20%) with any number of NFTs! We plan to introduce a display of the overall rarity bonus on each account soon.

For the rarity bonus to fully impact cattle, NFTs must be backed by krypton. In this regard, in the near future it is planned to introduce the Cattleman's Chest, in which it will be possible to place krypton, monitor its consumption and additional bonuses.

The absence of krypton in the chest will not affect the main bonuses from the Taurus Guard NFT. Thus, if you do not want to receive additional bonuses for the rarity of your Taurus Guard, then you don’t have to replenish the cattle breeder’s chest. An empty chest does not impose any additional restrictions and does not affect standard bonuses!

Until the cattleman's chest is sold, the rarity bonus will work for all owners of NFT Taurus Guard!

Mechanical era in 5 minutes!

Dear residents of the World of Clones! There is very little time left before the era of mechanization begins. A huge volume of nickel and chromium, which for a long time was purchased by the state commissioner from the players, as well as state metal reserves were used to modernize production shops. Metallurgical shops will be able to assemble mechanized railway freight cars and large parts to assemble the Giant Engine wonders of the world.

The government will provide free parts for sale on the commodity exchange or for assembling giant engines to all clones whose freight cars come to be loaded.

Cars can be purchased for gold coins. In the future, additional options are planned for the use of cars besides construction and repairs of wonders of the world.

It is planned to reconstruct the cars for civilian needs, as well as, if desired, exchange them for railway securities. Other applications are also possible.

We will keep you updated on events in the virtual world! 

Roadmapping the Porcus Guard NFT collection

Dear residents! We are pleased to announce that the in-game bonuses from the Porcus Guard NFT collection have been fully implemented! You can learn more about the collection development plan and completed tasks in the help:

At the moment, NFT Porcus Guard there are not many clones on earth yet, and they have enough reserves of krypton in the air to fully perform their functions. However, alchemists are already working on a pig breeder's chest - an invention that will allow pig farmers to be independent of the environment. The launch of the Pig Farmer's Chest will be announced in advance, but in the meantime, players can enjoy bonuses without consuming krypton!

License for the extraction of megaliths (Metropolia server)

Dear players! Today, at 15:00 GMT, licenses for the extraction of megalithic blocks will go to the auction

Sand Quarry (Metropolia server)

Geologists carried out exploration and found a site for sand miningThe quarry will become available for construction today at 17:00 GMT.

Whoever was a blacksmith became a mechanic!

Dear players!

Those clones who previously received a  “Blacksmith” education  today received free advanced training at the state university and are now mechanical engineers!

This education is necessary to obtain a highly paid position as a mechanic at the construction site of the new architectural miracle “Giant Engine”. This new game module will be coming to the game very soon.

The conditions for obtaining education can be found in the reference section:

A lot of interesting things await us, stay tuned!

Start of sales of NFTs from the Porcus Guard collection on the Tensor marketplace

Dear players!

The first lots of NFTs from the Porcus Guard collection are starting to go up for auction on the Tensor marketplace. A total of 200 NFTs are planned for listing.

We remind you that trading is carried out for solana, the price of each NFT is $10 (in SOL equivalent). Each NFT is additionally subject to a fixed (enforced) royalty of 9.99%. 50% of the royalties paid go to the Porcus Guard NFT holder fund.

Collection address:

Don't miss your chance to be among the first owners of our new collection!

Lots of NFTs from the Porcus Guard collection on the Tensor marketplace

Dear players!

We inform you that on Saturday, 02/03/2024 at 14:00 GMT, the first batch of NFTs of the Porcus Guard collection in the amount of 200 pieces will be put up on the Tensor marketplace.

Trading will be held for Solana, the price of each NFT is $10 (in SOL equivalent). Each NFT is additionally subject to a fixed (enforced) royalty of 9.99%. 50% of the royalties paid go to the Porcus Guard NFT holder fund.

Collection address:

We wish everyone a successful “hunt”!

Start of bidding for railway cryptoboxes (Enclave and Metropolia servers)

The auction manager announces the start of bidding for railway crypto boxes. The starting price is 1 railway coupon, the increment is also 1 coupon. These crypto boxes are available for purchase for all clones that have railway coupons available.

The total number of railway cryptoboxes currently available to the lecitator:

- Server Metropolis: 100 pcs.
- Server Enclave: 30 pcs.

The schedule for issuing crypto boxes is as follows:

- Metropolia Server - 1 cryptobox every 11 hours.
- Enclave Server - 1 cryptobox every 35 hours.

Happy and hot trading!

NFT Porcus Guard for New Year's Gleam winners

Dear residents! All New Year's Gleam winners who were lucky enough to win the Pig Collection NFT received a Porcus Guard NFT in their crypto wallets.

The collection is almost ready for release; trading is expected in the coming days both within the game and on external marketplaces.

You can view the details of this collection and the bonuses from owning NFT Porcus Guard in the help.

Follow the news, hot trades are expected!

New out-of-game airdrop from users of crypto wallets from the Jupiter DEX exchange

Dear residents! The Jupiter DEX exchange continues to delight users with pleasant airdrops. If you use a Phantom or Solflare wallet and made token exchanges such as Cloncoin and Crypton before January 19th, you can qualify to receive a reward from the Jupiter exchange in the form of the JUP token.

This airdrop is carried out by Jupiter in four stages. To check if you are eligible to receive this drop in the first round, follow the link and connect your wallet. Then scroll down the page and see if you qualify for bonus tokens. These tokens can be immediately exchanged for SOL, USDC or CLC directly on the exchange website or in the wallet itself. Some players managed to get up to $1000 in their wallets! If you have several wallets, then each of them can potentially receive this airdrop.

As you can see, simply by using the exchanges of our game tokens in your wallet, you can become the happy owner of a pleasant amount!

If you have questions about this promotion, feel free to ask them on the forum in the topic about the Jupiter exchange or in the telegram chat of our project.

You can not only sell these tokens, but also invest them in the CLC-JUP liquidity pool on Meteora.

By investing your tokens in a pool, you will receive rewards for all token exchanges that go through that pool.

We remind you that DeFI carries increased risks. Do your own research (DYOR).