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Pirates attack (Metropolia server)

The pirate fleet has approached the shores of the Clone Lands! Intelligence reported that the pirate Culebra was in command of the fleet.

A magnificent victory and a bag of gold

Brilliant victory of the Empire's "Temple of Light" squad. Thousands of volleys of artillery guns forced the huge army of the pirate Sapo to retreat. For one battle, the state paid the military personnel 1236.9372 gold coins!

A huge army went unnoticed

The huge army of the pirate Sapo pulled forces from the rear! It came too close to the fortified walls of the principalities. Intelligence reported groups of smaller, but heavily armed Webman units.

The Culebra pirate fleet retreated (Metropolis Server)

The pirate fleet was forced to retreat after a devastating defeat! In total, the state paid 5300.8857 gold coins for the battles with the Culebra pirates.

Sand Quarry (Enclave server)

Geologists carried out exploration and found a site for sand mining on the Enclave game server. The quarry will become available for construction today at 17:00 GMT. What is the difference between crypto coin mining and sand mining in the virtual world?

Fierce battles with pirates (Metropolis server)

Every day there are battles with the powerful fleet of the Culebra pirate. Translated from Spanish, his name means Serpent. At the current time, the amount of payments was 3434.5756 gold coins. Emperor Lord_UNlockER's fleet is preparing for another attack.

Pirate Artillery Unit (Enclave server)

A large army invaded the clone lands. Artillery pieces of different calibers, infantry with mixed firearms. New battles and mountains of gold, join the battles!

First victory (Enclave server)

Today is marked by the first victory of the Demskoe squad of Emperor Mvlad over the Pirate fleet of Jack Sparrow.

Replenishment of the pirate flotilla (Metropolis server)

250 battleships approached the shores of the clone lands and joined the fleet of the former admiral and now pirate Culebra. The imperial troops need reinforcements.

Sand Quarry (Metropolia server)

Dear residents of the virtual world! Geologists carried out exploration and found a site for sand miningThe quarry will become available for construction today at 17:00 GMT.

First victory!

The artillery units of the pirate Loxley were defeated by the powerful squad of the emperor Lord_UNlockER. In total, the state of the land of clones paid the military personnel 3469,526 gold coins for the knocked out pirate health units.

Culebra Pirate Fleet (Metropolis Server)

Exactly 10 years have passed since the beginning of Culebra's first battle with the clone troops. Today, as part of a huge fleet of about 1000 ships, he again approached the shores of the clone lands.

Issue of securities (Metropolia server)

Dear residents of the Land of Clones! 

Today at 18:00 GMT, the issue of securities will begin:

State Farm Securities: 10,000 pcs.

Stolen by pirates and their king

Pirates led by Webman stole a daily fund of gold coins intended for payment to the securities funds of the Agriculture and State Bank. The collectors of the clone world transported this volume of gold for payments and were robbed. Webman proclaimed himself king of the pirates.

Pirates at the Enclave server

Webman's pirate troops approach the Enclave server. Clones to arm themselves! The war is predicted to be protracted and interesting!

Important rewards and great prizes for battle participants

At the end of the war, very important orders and medals are expected to be awarded to all participants in the battles. They will be issued for the amount of enemy health knocked out. Also, other prizes that will remain secret for now will be a pleasant surprise for the participants in the battles.

Message from the General Staff

Webman's pirate forces continue to disembark and regroup. The war is expected to be protracted. The pirate troops are well armed with firearms and bladed weapons. Going into battle with such troops, armed only with edged weapons, is certain death. Arm yourself with the best types of weapons.

Powerful battleships with additional rigging equipment, artillery cannons are the most effective weapons in battle. Excellent types of firearms are suitable for infantry: double-barreled, triple-barreled and, of course, sniper rifles.

First battle with a pirate artillery unit

The squad of Emperor Shaulk attacked the artillery formation of the pirates, but was defeated.

High payouts in gold

All clones arm themselves! From a pistol, then a battleship, high payments are expected for the knocked out health of the pirates.

Dragons do not participate in war

Until the game's military module is completely updated, dragons will not be able to participate in the war. Dragons are busy guarding golden caves and searching for gold for their masters.

Webman's Pirate Wars

Attention all squads! Huge pirate troops approached the clone lands that night. Troops are currently being regrouped.

Treasure Hunters (Both servers)

Dear residents of the virtual world! Treasure maps found. There are a lot of gold coins here! Adventure and gold await cache seekers. Equip your troops and send them on a treasure hunt. Lists of caches will soon appear in the corresponding section of the game.

Sand Quarry (Metropolia server)

Dear residents of the virtual world! Geologists carried out exploration and found a site for sand miningThe quarry will become available for construction today at 17:00 GMT.