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Emperor Ridik_Voin and his "Miss Empire"

Dear inhabitants of the Land of Clones! We wish the whole world success to Emperor Ridik_Voin  and his empire "Miss Empire ". We wish wisdom and power, health and prosperity. Let the magnificent golden dragons delight the eyes of the emperor and his inhabitants hovering over the great buildings, let them stand guard over the treasury and peace of the empire. 

The first sand mines at the auction (server "Metropolis")

The chief huntsman has carried out the preparatory work together with the manager of the Auction of Mines and announces that he is transferring the right to develop small deposits of sand that remained in his forest land in place of old water wells. This right to develop is formalized in the form of sand mines. Each sand mine gives the right to mine 120 units of this resource. At the same time, the huntsman recalls that his main task is to take care of the flora and fauna of the forest lands entrusted to him, so the sand mines will appear at the auction in strict accordance with the environmental standards of his department. In the future, the huntsman will report on the release of new mines using the official Telegram news channel of the game.

Settlement cost adjustment

Dear inhabitants of the virtual world! According to your wishes, the Clone Land Commissioner has adjusted the cost of building administrative units. Updated data will appear in the help section soon. 

Old water wells of the Metropolia server

Wandering through the vast expanses of the hunting grounds of the Metropolis, the Chief Gamekeeper discovered old wells drilled by the inhabitants of the Land of Clones in search of water even before the start of the Great Drought. Near many wells, he noticed small deposits of sand , taken out by a drill from underground aquifers. Being an enterprising person and due to the specifics of his difficult service, the huntsman understood how to help the clones in the extraction of a scarce resource: "Inhabitants of the Metropolis are allowed to visit the hunting grounds for the extraction of sand in exchange for hunting gifts and water!".

Results of the state inspection of portals

The chief engineer of the Land of the Clones, along with the High Alchemist and the Commissioner, inspected the portals and were dissatisfied with the state of many of them. After analyzing the available information, they came to the conclusion that many users of the portals do not have the elementary knowledge obtained at the Public School and do not follow the most minimal safety precautions when transporting goods. In addition, such a technologically complex structure as portals requires a deep understanding of the principles of the influence of megalithic structures on the forwarded cargo.

After holding a consultation with the engineers, the Commissioner decided:

Only those clones who have mastered the special skills of working with such structures are allowed to use portals, in other words, they have received the education “ Megalithic Engineer ”.

At the request of the High Alchemist, the Commissioner has postponed the entry into force of these requirements for a week, until 03/23/2023 , so that  everyone who wants to use the portals has enough time to receive the required education.

The High Alchemist's Congratulation to the First Bidding Winners of the Black Pearl Mines Auction

The High Alchemist congratulates the first winners of the Black Pearl Mining Auction. He also sincerely thanks all the clones who took part in the struggle for the black pearl mines for forest gifts, which are so necessary for his department for scientific research. At the same time, the alchemist reports that his department has already delivered to the mining site all the necessary volume of water of the highest quality to begin the safe process of alluvial black pearls.

As there is a further need for gifts to intensify ongoing experiments, mines will be allocated from the reserve of the Alchemist's Tower and a corresponding instruction will be sent to the auction manager.

Decree of the Military Department "On measures to increase the defense capability of settlements and real estate of the Land of

The Secret Office of the Land of the Clones is reporting increased activity among the combat units of General Webman, who has begun to conduct daily training maneuvers for his troops. On the other hand, several attempts to gain access to classified materials by General Webman's infiltrators were identified and suppressed.

In connection with the above considerations, in order to increase the overall protection of settlements and real estate, the Clone Land Military Department decided to review robbery reports daily and reward especially distinguished guards with black pearls.

The first lots of black pearl mines at auction

The Merchant Guild announces that the first lots of Black Pearl Mines will soon be available at the Mining Auction . As previously reported by the Earth of the Clones Geological Survey, the pools adjacent to the mines are unusable, so the clones will need their own water to pan the black pearls. During an open competition held in the form of an auction, preference will be given to those clones that decide to allocate more water to the reclamation process, thereby guaranteeing maximum safety of the resulting product.

It is also reported that the Tower of Alchemists has been granted the exclusive right to pre-reserve some of the mines for its needs, with the right to sell some of them for forest gifts, which it urgently needs for research and development of new types of elixirs.

It should be remembered that the mines of black pearls require a lot of preparatory work and are located in hard-to-reach places, so the regularity of their arrival at the auction is unknown . Mines will appear in the auction as soon as the auction manager receives notifications from the geological survey, transmitted to him using pigeon mail.

Dead Seas and black pearl mines

Interesting maps of the area of ​​the Enclave server were found among the manuscripts of General Webman . Several seas are marked with special marks. Thanks to the decoding of maps and marks, it was possible to find out that in the sands adjacent to the Dead Seas one can find a special type of oysters with the cherished black pearl . 

Previously, such reservoirs have already been found on the Metropolis server , however, they have not been properly investigated, since their waters are very poisonous and dangerous. 

At the moment, geologists are considering releasing special  black pearl mines on both game servers. Since the reservoirs adjacent to the mines are unusable, the clones will have to use their own water to wash the black pearls.

A more detailed description of this type of mines is expected in the following announcements!

Secret Office reports: General Webman's spy arrested

A suspicious individual was apprehended by the Land of Clones Secret Office today as the latter attempted to break into the vault containing General Webman's manuscripts. The detainee initially denied everything, but later admitted that he was sent by General Webman to steal these manuscripts, since they are of great value to the bloodthirsty general.

The military department believes that behind this incident there may be some more widely reaching plans of the insidious Webman. In order to keep the inhabitants of the Land of the Clones in fighting shape, from today, together with the Sports Committee of the Land of the Clones, a representative of the Military Department during combat tournaments, at his discretion, will additionally reward especially distinguished fighters with black pearls.

The Amazing Incident of the Peacocks

Over the past few days, more and more agitated residents have begun to approach the High Alchemist, bringing him shiny round pebbles that closely resemble a rare variety of black pearls . They all as one told the alchemist the same story: this find was found among the golden and silver eggs brought by peacocks over the past day.

The supreme alchemist immediately remembered the mysterious writings of Webman and even at the very beginning was seriously worried - after all, it could be some kind of insidious plan of an already forgotten invader. That is why he immediately ordered a mandatory quarantine on the production of all peacocks in the state. However, the experiments carried out by alchemists more and more allow us to assert that we are dealing with another inexplicable phenomenon of these mysterious birds, and that this is really a real black pearl . 

It is expected that the quarantine will be lifted and the products will be delivered to the owners of peacocks within the next 24 hours.

Manuscripts of General Webman

A lot of time has passed since the last significant victory of the warriors of the clone world over the bloodthirsty Webman ... However, until now, the Chancellery has kept the captured letters of the general secret. As it turned out, Webman's subordinates were fluent in cryptography, so it is not known for certain whether it will be possible to decipher them in full. However, one of the manuscripts was still successfully translated.

It was about urban planning in the world of the general:

“Urban planner on Webman's lands is a very honorable status! Each owner of the settlement should think not only about his wards, but also about his own status in society. The construction of an entry-level settlement is available to Yeomen. However, in order to develop the settlement to the next level of development, the Yeoman must move to the Gentry estate. If Gentry wants to make the settlement even more powerful, he must receive the status of Aristocrat. And increasing the development level of the settlement to…”

This is where the manuscript ends. However, the Chancellor completely caught the idea and he liked this arrangement of the urban block, so he decided to apply foreign experience in our world! The Clone World Supreme Office has decreed:

- The required status for the construction of the estate remains unchanged - Peasant.

- Required status to upgrade the estate to the village - tradesman.

- To develop a village to a city, the clone must have the status of Merchant.

- The development of the settlement to the maximum level - Megapolis, available to clones with the status of Baron.

Also changing some of the cost requirements that must be taken to establish a settlement or raise its level. More information about these requirements can be found in the help:

This decision of the Office comes into force from the moment of its publication. All settlements built according to the old rules remain at the current level of development, regardless of the status of the clone owner. However, it will be possible to increase their level of development only according to the new rules.

Empire "HOLY ARK"

Dear inhabitants of the Land of Clones! We wish the whole world success to Emperor Alexander3  and his empire "HOLY ARK" , a fair wind on the path of development and prosperity. Mountains of gold coins and magnificent dragons guard the treasury and the world of the empire.

Mentor Awards 2022 (Metropolis server)

Dear inhabitants of the Clone Lands! The results of the game mentors tournament, which lasted throughout 2022 to the present day (03.03.2023), have been summed up. 

Award passed 100 winners!

For every 600 points collected, the first 100 winners received 1 gold coin. Thus, if, for example, you scored 600,000 points, then your reward was 1,000 gold coins, and so on.

Check the statement on kalita!

Tournament 2023 starts automatically from today. 

We wish diligent students, and may your advice be wise!

Caring for forest dwellers

The first days of spring in the Land of the Clones were fabulously colorful. The head huntsman liked to walk through the forest at such a time and see how the grove came to life. Deer were running somewhere between the trees, the roar of awakening bears was heard from the lairs...

Bypassing his possessions, the huntsman went to the well to drink some water. Not far from the well was the Mumbling Head, and muttered with notorious pessimism:

“Oh, and divorced hunters here. They take forest gifts from poor animals, and in what quantities. Where is it seen that such huge baskets of little animals pay off these tyrants with guns? They will soon have nothing to eat themselves, and the colorful forests of the Clone World will perish. Oh, you have to wait for trouble if nothing changes... Oh, wait for trouble...”

The huntsman became thoughtful, made his calculations and realized that Goloveshka was right. And in order to preserve the forest flora and fauna, the Chief Gamekeeper decided:

- Set the base accuracy for marten and fox guns to 25%, and for other guns to 20%. This accuracy will remain unchanged throughout the life of the gun.

- Set the base accuracy of all types of ammunition in the amount of 1%. This accuracy will be unchanged throughout the life of the ammunition.

Signing this decree, the huntsman left the last note:

These rules come into force on 03/10/2023 on both servers of the Land of the Clones.